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Lifewin Color

Lifewin Color

Activity & Sleep health band

Styled for life. Built for Health.

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A Smart Health Tracker to keep you fit and healthy

A beautifully designed water-proof health device that can track your movements, your sleep and more which syncs with your phone to give you complete data of your activities and different trends. This helps you to take decision about your fitness activities. This in-time data can also be shared with your health expert to get the timely feedback and improve your health.

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Deep Insights

The health band along with intuitive App gives deep insights about your health from how good your sleep was to how much distance you walked today and many more insights.

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Your Health Coach

Your health coach is there to support and keep you healthy, be it a required diet, your exercise or motivation, your health coach makes sure you get fit by providing timely information and guidance.

Stand Out with different Straps

One extra strap is provided you FREE to match your style. Available in four different colors.

Deep Sleep

Health band automatically detects when you're asleep. This gives beautiful graph of your sleep like light sleep, deep sleep, duration and more.

Lifetrons Steel automatic sleep mode

Product details


activity & sleep health band

compatible with android

- Activity tracking: automatic walk, run, swim (water resistant - 50m) & 10+ activities recognized, plus calories burned & distance

- Sleep monitoring: sleep cycle analysis (light and deep sleep) plus silent vibrating alarm with smart wake-up

- Automatic synchronization: visualize trends and data on your smartphone with the free Lifetrons health app

- Battery: up to 8-days battery life

Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity
  • Metrics tracked
  • In the box
iOS compatibility (iOS 8 and higher)

iPhone 4S and more recent
iPod touch 5th generation and more recent
iPad 3rd generation and more recent

Android compatibility (5.0 and higher)

Requires a Bluetooth Low Energy device

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth Low Energy needed.


Based on user's motion


Based on the user’s profile for high precision


Health app widget displays active & metabolic calories, as well as the total caloric expenditure


Automatically detected
In-app daily recap of duration and distance


Time it takes to fall asleep
Sleep cycles (light and deep sleep)
Sleep interruptions

Lifewin Color
Installation guide


Free Health app

To set up the alarm clock and fine tune daily activity/sleep objectives
To track up to 5 dimensions of your health - Activity, Sleep, Weight, Heart, Environment

Free Lifetrons health account

To securely store your data and make it readily available
Download your data at any time, free of charge